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    The product you want to promote is:

    From now on, we will refer to your choice as PRODUCT

    Where does your PRODUCT come from?

    We need to know the origin of your PRODUCT

    1.The type and name of the PRODUCT you want to promote?

    Example: "Sempre Children's Biscuits", or "Sun Residential Complex", or "Environmental Consciousness Campaign" (Obligatory)

    2. PRODUCT has distribution

    We need to have an idea of how far your PRODUCT extends.

    3. Which of these industries does your PRODUCT belong to?

    We need to analyze your field of action, competition, opportunities, etc.

    3.1) (Optional) What industry does your product belong to if not listed above?

    4.How long has this PRODUCT been on the market?

    We need it to analyze your experience and public perception

    5. Date when you intend to place the PRODUCT? *

    We need to have an idea of how much time should be devoted to the realization of the project.

    6. Product description *

    We need a description of your request. The more details, the more accurate we will understand your request.

    7. What is the purpose of your request? *

    Choose only one. The purpose of the request helps us to determine the creative process.

    8. What is the targeted Audience?

    What is the audience we want to talk about? Age group, gender, origin, economic status, social status, location, etc.

    9. What are the 3 main messages your PRODUCT wants to convey to this audience?

    Examples are: "Fastest market service", or "Clean the environment", or "Local and quality production"

    11.Who are the competitors of your PRODUCT?

    We need to analyze who offers the product similar to yours in the market. Write down the names and possibly the links of the competition websites

    12. What makes your PRODUCT more special than others? (USP)

    We need to know your unique competitive advantage. (USP - Unique Selling Proposition)

    13. In which of these channels do you plan to place the PRODUCT? *

    This helps us have an idea of what we need to accomplish, as well as suggest the most appropriate channels. (Choose one or more).

    14. What are your expectations from the realization of this project?

    Examples include: "Increasing product sales," or "Population awareness," or "Strengthening the image in public," or "Placing the new company in the market."

    15. Preferably show us the budget, provided for this realization

    If we have an idea of how much budget you have allocated for this project, it helps us significantly in planning the strategy for the realization of the work.

    16. Send us a Link of any website, video or other example that you think would help us.

    Introduce good examples of similar projects that have been done around the world. You can insert more than one link.